Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

At Letech Machines, we provide a wide variety of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We have more than 30 years’ experience as specialists within the development and manufacturing of innovative and unique solutions for the trade.

In our collaboration with customers from the pharmaceutical industry, there will typically be very elaborate requirements to product safety, traceability, and data collection. This, for instance, means similarly heavy demands on documentation as well as equipment quality, function, operational performance, and maintenance.

Close collaboration guarantees the most optimal solution

We always make sure that the development, construction, and manufacturing of solutions take place in close dialogue and collaboration with the businesses involved, so as to ensure complete understanding and clarity relative to all specific requirements, expectations, and standards – comprising e.g. GMP.

In combination with our considerable experience and knowledge within the area, such close dialogue and collaboration will ensure that, together, we will arrive at the most optimal solution.

Your confidence in us is important to us. Therefore, all projects are closely monitored – every step of the way, just as we ensure high levels of quality and safety.

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In the following, you will find a selection of cases, comprising previous solutions provided for the pharmaceutical industry.


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