Innovative special solutions

At Letech Machines, we specialise within innovative development and the manufacturing of unique solutions focused on automated production by way of modern technology. We primarily provide solutions to production problems for the pharmaceutical and food industries, manufacturing machinery and equipment in compliance with customer-specific requirements.

We have more than 30 years’ experience within the trade and, thus, we have considerable knowledge of how assignments are best solved.

Our approach to new assignments

We are proactive partners from the initial dialogue on concrete challenges and all we contribute all the way, until the finished solution is fully implemented and the required advantages have been achieved.

To us, the point of departure is always an initial discussion and a deep understanding of issues as well as the expectations to the result. An ongoing close dialogue with our customers ensures the best point of departure.

Current production challenges

Bottlenecks and issues based on the customer’s experiences

Shared evaluation of input, materials, and challenges

The expectations to output, efficiency, and operation and services

This constitutes the foundation for our preparation of solution proposals which will again be subject to discussion prior to the commencement of the next stage. Here, focus is on the design / construction of the solution, manufacturing, mounting, and factory testing prior to final hand-over.

Next, we will oversee the mounting, commissioning, and training of the firm’s staff.

We will not let go of the assignment until everything is in place and working in accordance with agreements.

"A good dialogue will secure an optimal solution – right from the framing of the customer’s challenge and through to the implementation of the finished product in the firm. We design everything from quite simple constructions to fully automated purpose-made machinery”

- Managing Director Lejf Rasmussen

The pharmaceutical and food industries

Taking our point of departure in our long-standing experience within the trade, we develop, construct, and manufacture solutions with considerable focus on the individual firms’ special requirements.

Service solutions

In addition to ideas generation and the manufacturing of purpose-made machinery, we also provide ongoing service as required. This may for instance be by way of preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, or staff training.

Contact us to learn more or book a meeting

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