Automation that ensures high operational reliability

At Letech Machines, we are, for instance, specialised within various automated solutions. Our solutions primarily target the food and pharmaceutical industries where high levels of operational reliability are crucial.

Our innovative mindset and modern technology put us in position to manufacture robots and machinery which, to our customers, will be synonymous with production optimisation and cost reduction. Letech Machines is a creative enterprise with more than 30 years’ experience within automation and, always, our focus is forward-looking and lang-term. We are thus in a position to provide machines that will be relevant – now and looking far into the future.

Close collaboration will ensure the right solution

We consider it important to establish a close collaborative relationship with our customers as, this way, we will obtain the best possible preconditions for securing the perfect automated solution that will comply with applicable demands and requirements.

High product safety and easy-to-clean solutions are crucial to our customers within the pharmaceutical and food industries. For this reason, we always design durable solutions manufactured in approved materials that enable the maintenance of a high hygiene level, just as the design of our solutions will always be carefully thought out – thus guaranteeing considerable product safety.

Contact us for further information about our automated solutions

In case you would like further information about our automated solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries, or if you have any questions, then do not hesitate to contact our managing director, Lejf Rasmussen who can be contacted for an initial dialogue by telephone: +45 5853 0570 or if you prefer to write an e-mail, his e-mail address is:

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If you have any questions, would like to learn more about our competences, or wish to book a non-binding meeting, you are welcome to contact us by phone +45 5853 0570 or e-mail