Progrestrone Machine

Customer need: A machine for toothing Barbed Broaches

A major Russian manufacturer of dental equipment, needed to automate their production of Barbed Broaches, which are a kind of escape needles that dentists use in connection with root canal treatment of teeth.

We quickly got a good contact and dialogue with the customer, and we developed and produced 3 identical machines, which were able to reduce the customer's staffing from 50 to 5 operators.

The escape needles that the machines process are only 0.25mm. in diameter. Each needle is provided with a 32 teeth which is 0.1 mm in height. The teeth of each subject are checked using vision cameras. Subsequently, all escape needles are placed, neatly arranged in small boxes, until they are packaged in blister packs.

Each machine produces approx. 90,000 escape needles / day.

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