Service and maintenance

In addition to ideas generation and the manufacturing of purpose-made machinery, Letech Machines also provides ongoing service as required. This may for instance be by way of preventive maintenance, troubleshooting in collaboration with the firm’s own team. The service may comprise mechanical as well as electrical maintenance, or it may be the updating or re-programming of software pursuant to new requirements. We also facilitate backup where needed, as well as the training of new employees.

We have the right competences and the experience required for the solution of the many diverse service assignments. We have more than 30 years’ experience within purpose-made machinery for e.g. the pharmaceutical and food industries, and we are thus in a position to solve great as well as small challenges.

Data sheets with relevant information

In our ideas generation and special manufacturing of customer-specific machinery we always make sure to prepare concrete documentation that will comprise all such information as the firm may need at a later stage.

  • Parts lists
  • ​Assembly drawings
  • ​Operating instructions
  • ​Maintenance manuals
  • ​Spare parts and wearing parts
  • ​Software, etc.
  • ​Circuit diagrams
  • ​Pneumatic system diagrams
  • ​CE marking.

All of which constitutes documentation which, today, is a natural element in the delivery with respect to the purchase of machinery.

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