Unwinder Type 4

Customer need: Handling of foil rolls in connection with e.g. shaping of packaging

Situation: Our customer, a major foreign manufacturer of packaging, needed a unroller that could facilitate the operation of the operator operating the packaging machines. Operating these machines can be stressful for the body, as heavy axles must be lifted many times during a working day.

The machine: Letech Machines developed a unroller, which makes the workflow much easier for the operator. The operator now avoids heavy lifting, which makes the work more ergonomic.

The unroller can lift and carry a roll of foil in connection with thermoforming. By placing the roller between the arms of the unroller, it can, by means of the hydraulic movable arms, grip, lift and place the roller in the middle of the subsequent thermoformer.

The construction and function of this unroller make it possible, in certain cases, to change the foil roll without stopping the thermoforming machine.

Advantages of producing the machine:

  • ​The operator is free to handle the heavy axles with the associated cone every time the roller needs to be changed.
  • The operator is free to pull the last foil off the roll with his hands. This is done automatically.
  • Avoid damaged floors when unrolling, as the heavy axles are removed.
  • Free to handle foil webs with poorly shaped items.
  • The unwinder can be used directly in front of a molding machine.
  • Equipment for welding foil ends can be attached.
  • Improving the working environment for the operator.

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