Spoon dispenser

Customer need: A customer needed a machine manufactured that could be built together with their existing production equipment. The machine had to cut and handle small spoons from foil rolls and put them in a plastic packaging. The equipment had to handle 120 spoons / min, and they had to be fed into the customer's existing production line.

The machine: We developed and produced equipment that was built together with the customer's existing production line. As lines are a very important part of the customer's production, the conversion had to be done with a minimum of production stoppage. With good preparation and good cooperation with the customer, we were able to complete the assembly with the production line in a few hours. Both shielding and various safety functions had to be established, of course, because production could be resumed again.

Advantages of production with the machine:

  • ​The customer has effectively been able to increase the production of this particular product
  • By building a machine that could be combined with an existing production line, it was much easier to increase capacity and at the same time keep costs down.
  • Simple construction of the machine, which minimizes the ongoing maintenance costs.

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