Punching Machine

Customer need: Machine for punching thermoformed packaging.

Situation: For a number of years we have produced a number of punching machines for punching out thermoformed packaging. The machines are characterized by being flexible, simple and stable. The machines are often adapted to the customer's special requirements, and they have often been built together with other equipment, such as control equipment, packaging equipment, marking, etc.

Our customer, a Danish dairy, needed a machine that could cut shaped packaging trays out of the plastic foil in which the trays are cast. The quality of the packaging trays was an important factor for the customer, as the company wants to signal that a quality product is being manufactured.

The machine: The packaging trays are punched out of the plastic foil in the punching tools developed for this purpose. The punching machine is a complete unit, intended to stand after a thermoforming machine. The machine is compact and very stably built. This means that the punching tools require only a minimum of maintenance. This is especially important when stopping in PP, APET and other materials that place great demands on the tools.

The punching machine counts the punched packaging trays and delivers them on a conveyor belt, stacked and in the selected number.

Advantages of producing the machine:

  • ​Thermoforming with a minimum of handling.
  • Servo technology for safe and accurate operation.
  • Minimum maintenance costs.
  • Economic.
  • Long tool life.
  • High security for operator.
  • Reduced staffing.
  • Individual solutions.
  • High flexibility.

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